Summer (Wet & Hot)

I hope everyone's able to take a break this summer and get a little sweaty.  I am taking a sort-of break after a great shoot of Childrens Hospital's sixth(!) season. We're editing now and they'll air next year some time.  

Meanwhile, summer time means Wet Hot American Summer screenings around the country, some outside, some late at night...and here's a first: A Rocky Horror style interactive screening, complete with props, costumes, cue-cards and prizes, at the KAHBANG festival in Portland, Maine, Aug 9th at 11pm.

It should be cool, and only fitting that it's happening in Maine, where the movie takes place.

And among the prizes will be some of the very cool new official Wet Hot T-shirts. Check out the full selection over at Rusted Wave.

In other Wet Hot news, many of you have been asking me about the status of the prequel project. I hope to have some official news in the next month or so.


They Came Together continues to get wonderful reviews and feedback -- watch in your home tonight!

The DVD/Blu-Ray comes out Sept 2nd and will be loaded with all sorts of goodies including commentary, deleted scenes, etc. Pre-order now here!

For those in the UK, it opens in theaters and on-demand Sept 5th.

And we have a great soundtrack E.P with music from Norah Jones, Craig Wedren, Amy Miles you can pick up on iTunes for LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS!


  • I tell the story of how Alan Freed coined the term "Rock and Roll" in my home town of Cleveland on a recent episode of Drunk History

  • I threw out some quips on Comedy Central's @midnight

  • The State performs live onstage at Festival Supreme in October.