Winner of four emmy awards

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Our brilliant editor, Eric Stran, put together this highlights reel to bring back some memories from the past seven seasons.

the journey is complete

The final episode of Childrens Hospital aired on April 15, 2016

is a TV series on Adult Swim that ran from 2008 to 2016.

"One of the funniest shows on TV."
--Lori Rackl, Chicago Sun-Times

Fun facts:

  • It's about a bunch of dumb doctors at a children's hospital.

  • The amazing CAST is:
    Henry Winkler, Malin Akerman, Lake Bell, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullally, Erinn Hayes, Ken Marino, Rob Corddry, Zandy Hartig and Brian Huskey.

  • We were nominated four times for the Emmy and won twice.

  • I'm an executive producer, writer and director on the show.

  • The other exec producers are Rob Corddry (who also created and plays clown doctor Blake Downs) and Jon Stern.

  • I also appear on the show sometimes, either as myself or as the hospital rabbi Jewy McJewJew.

on set with Rob Corddry

Rabbi Jewy McJewJew

shooting season 5

Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Zandy Hartig, Malin Akerman, Megan Mullally, Rob Corddry, Henry Winkler, Ken Marino

Childrens Hospital cast with slight retouching by DW.

Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Lake Bell, Rob Huebel & Erinn Hayes

Emmy winners!

Emmy winners again!

Season finale screening April 2016