Wet Hot buzz and my wife in a bikini

So...I did an extended Q&A after our 10th anniversary screening of Wet Hot American Summer for Jeff Goldsmith's podcast (you can hear it here). It was a lot of fun and I read aloud (with Joe Lo Truglio) the iChat I had with Michael Showalter in the late 90's, brainstorming titles for the film, and someone posted it on youtube and then it was picked up by a lot of different websites.

But somehow the biggest story was that I mentioned, as I have many times before, that Michael Showalter and I have been talking about doing a prequel/sequel.  It's true--we're in early stages right now but are hoping to get more into it this year.

Amazingly, this little piece of non-news was written up in Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Paste, New York Magazine, Collider, AV Club, and dozens more.  IndieWire went on to suggest some story ideas to us!

Plus there was more press about the Wet Hot art show in Venice, CA and Entertainment Weekly is publishing a 10th anniversary retrospective in their new issue.

All this for a movie from 2001 that grossed under $300K in theaters and hostile reviews like this one which was syndicated to weeklies across the country.

Wet Hot Cast


Meanwhile tonight's new episode of Childrens Hospital, "Home is Where the Hospital Is" was directed by my State-mate Michael Patrick Jann and written by Erica Oyama. Most importantly, you will see Nurse Dori (played by my wife Zandy Hartig) in a bikini, 9 months pregnant.  Set your DVR - midnight, tonight, Adult Swim.

Here's a promo.