Week of Wet Hot

Wow so many memories this week.  I watched Wet Hot American Summer on a big screen for the first time in many years and I don't think I've ever enjoyed it more.  I think the combination of nostalgia for when I was at summer camp as a kid combined with the nostalgia of making that movie ten years ago...plus I found it to be very funny! Then there was a fun Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith afterward, which will be online soon as part of his new podcast.

Then the next night was the opening of "Camp Firewood", an art show at Gallery1988 in Venice where over 60 artists did pieces inspired by the movie.  I didn't expect ever to be so moved by the inspiration and talent and spirit in these pieces of art!  You can see a bunch of it here including this awesome one from Allison Reimold:

And here's a write up from Huffington Post

And here's me, Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio at the show:

We're putting together a big 10th Anniversary event in New York at the Music Hall on July 26th, hosted by STELLA (Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and me).  Unfortunately it sold out (in 90 minutes!) but stay tuned for some ticket giveaways or something!

Meanwhile in my day job - still editing Wanderlust 24/7 - can't wait for you all to see it!

But you CAN watch Childrens Hospital right now - a NEW episode airs this (and every) THURSDAY at midnight on Adult Swim.  You can also catch up on what you've missed of the new (third) season online and/or pick up the awesome Seasons 1 & 2 DVD.