Wanderlust DVD is here!

The WANDERLUST DVD is now available!

If you missed it in theaters, here's your chance! If you saw it, you can enjoy the bevvy of extras including the entertaining commentary track with me, Paul Rudd, Ken Marino and a slew of celebs (courtesy of Kevin Pollak's impressions). And on the Blu-Ray is the BIZARRO cut!

Buy from your local video store, or Order from Amazon and have it tomorrow!

Or download right now from iTunes (comes with SOME DVD extras!)

Or watch instantly on Amazon -  Theatrical AND Bizzaro

ALSO we've made a special episode of Wainy Days featuring me interacting with the characters from Wanderlust - it's pretty weird! You can see it on the DVD and/or it will be on MyDamnChannel next week - here's a sneak peek! 

AND next week we start shooting a new movie! It's called They Came Together.  A spoof/homage/deconstruction/love letter to Romantic Comedies.  I will be directing from a script I wrote with Michael Showalter who is producing. Cast is lead by Paul Rudd (excited to meet him) and Amy Poehler.

PLUS we start shooting our Childrens Hospital spin-off NEWSREADERS this month. Look for that next year, and get ready for a truly next-level awesome new season of Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim premiering August 9th!

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Wanderlust DVD News

  Well...the theatrical run for Wanderlust is now done. It's been a crazy few years of ups and downs. Some wonderful reviews, amazing feedback, and some not so wonderful reviews, and disappointing box office.  All in all though it's been a journey I wouldn't trade for anything, and I'm extremely proud of this movie.


And still to come is the DVD & Blu-Ray June 19th!

This DVD is anything but an afterthought.  In addition to the theatrical feature in stunning HD, we have put together a boatload of fun extras.  The most interesting one is what we are calling the "Bizzaro Cut" of the movie. This is not a "director's cut" where some scenes are added back or tweaked.  It's an entirely different version of the movie, filled with alternate jokes, lines, scenes to the point where there is almost no material from the original theatrical cut. I'm curious to hear what people think of this - it's only on the Blu-Ray, not the regular DVD. And I definitely recommend you watch the "real" movie before diving into the Bizzaro!

Also included is "Penis Envy" - a mockumentary on Joe Lo Truglio's experience wearing a prosthetic penis for his role in the film.

AND a special only-on-DVD episode of Wainy Days where I go into the fictional world of Wanderlust's Elysium commune meet the various characters, have sex with them, and almost get killed.

If that's not enough, we have lots of other deleted, extended and alterenative scenes, gag reel, line-o-rama, behind the scenes documentary, Jordan Peele doing Obama, and of course the feature commentary with me, Ken Marino, Paul Rudd and many celebrity guests via the impressions of the incomparable Kevin Pollak!

If you ask me, this sounds like a must buy for Dads and Grads.  You can pre-order at Amazon right now.

Lots of Reviews!

"WANDERLUST is the first great comedy of 2012!!!"- Ain't It Cool News

"It’s a bit early to call, but this is probably the American comedy of the year." - The Grid (Toronto)

“David Wain ups the raunchy laughs in ‘Wanderlust’” - LOS ANGELES TIMES

“…pure and prurient guilty pleasure… the laughter is served up naughty and nice… a perfect environment for Aniston and Rudd to do what they do best.  Theroux is so perfect in his enlightened perfection here that it’s hard not to applaud the fact that someone finally found the right way to put him center stage. The director also seems to have found a new comfort zone. Wain has always brought a kind of zany sensibility to his films, but he has never seemed more confident coloring outside the lines.  …“Wanderlust” a trip worth taking.” - Betsy Sharkey, LOS ANGELES TIMES

“…inspired lunacy… Wanderlust is more a rowdy comedy than a romantic one. Some of the players are endearingly goofy in this good-natured comedy, particularly Rudd and Theroux.” - Claudia Puig, USA TODAY

“…tons of laughs… - Kara Nesvig, MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

“…gut-busting comedy… ...screamingly funny…” - Keith Uhlich, TIME OUT NEW YORK

“‘Wanderlust’ delivers laughs” - KANSAS CITY STAR

“…ribald comedy… …off-the–wall humor. …more laughs than I’ve had at the movies in a very long time.” - Sean P. Means, SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

“…who wouldn't want to escape to a zany commune complete with lots of casual sex, light drug use, and general zaniness? …there are enough real belly laughs here to make this one of the funnier mainstream films to come out since Horrible Bosses… …when Wanderlust is funny, it's damn funny. Justin Theroux is great… …Katherine Hahn steals more than a few scenes… …[Aniston’s] chemistry with Rudd…is spot on. …Wanderlust is a funny flick, boasting a pleasant, likable cast, and more than a few honest belly laughs.” - Chris Bumbray, JOBLO

“Jennifer Aniston…continues to prove she has a good sense of humor following last year's Just Go With It and Horrible Bosses and she shows she can take the raunch the vets of The State dish out as well as she can dish it out. Rudd and Aniston are terrific together… [Rudd and Aniston] really bring out some great stuff in each other… Wain surrounds [Rudd and Aniston] with a dream cast… The true joy comes with the return of Kerri Kenney-Silver… who proves few other comics (male or female) are able to deliver a deadpan punchline or a reaction as well as she does. Wain also proves himself as the grandmaster of the montage… …Wanderlust is very much a hidden comedy gem that will appeal as much to fans of Wain and Rudd's earlier work together as those who just enjoy good raunchy laughs.” - Edward Douglas, COMINGSOON.NET

“If you gather most of the alumni of MTV’s The State and put them together in a movie, hilarity will follow. Throw in Paul Rudd and you get something even better. David Wain’s Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models proved this, and his latest film, Wanderlust, proves it again. It’s ad-libbed comedy at its finest… …the film’s humor is as free-spirited and strange as any self-righteous hippie.” - Matt Goldberg, COLLIDER

“…Wanderlust is an absolute blast, hilarious from start to finish. …’raunchy comedy with heart’… And I did laugh – again and again, sometimes without ceasing, oftentimes uproariously. Wanderlust is pure comedy, populated with one inspired comic performance after another.” - Jason McKiernan, FILMCRITIC

… deliriously hysterical… … big chunks [of the film] will have you erupting.” - Matt Pais, REDEYE (CHICAGO)

…brilliant, unfettered lunacy… …wonderfully, agonizingly weird… Kathryn Hahn, Lauren Ambrose, Jordan Peele, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Alan Alda and a startlingly naked Joe Lo Truglio all get chances to shine.” - Christy Lemire, ASSOCIATED PRESS

(A-) “[Rudd and Wain] are in a groove—and backed up by some blissed-out creative co-conspirators—in Wanderlust. … Wain-ian comedy…lets Rudd shine. …every actor who gets the joke shines… …it’s a pleasure to see Aniston thrive in her comedy zone…” - Lisa Schwarzbaum, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“…gut-busting funny… It’s hard to remember a comedy so populated with good character bits.” - Nick Pinkerton, THE VILLAGE VOICE

“… hilarious vulgar moments.” - Matt Sullivan, INTOUCH MAGAZINE

“…consistently funny comedy… …laugh-out-loud moments… …what really makes this a standout is the superb ensemble cast… …a world that’s so wacky, you’ll be constantly surprised. A hippie-dippie good time.” - Marshall Fine, STAR MAGAZINE

"The perfect comedy for our time. Hilarious from start to finish. Paul Rudd is a comedic genius. Paul Rudd has never been better. Paul Rudd gives a Nobel-worthy performance.” - Jeremy Smith, AIN’T IT COOL NEWS

"Enjoyable, comical and sometimes downright hilarious.  Wanderlust is another Apatow-winner that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  David Wain and Judd Apatow were simply made to make movies together. …Wanderlust strikes the perfect mix… …wickedly silly… …a laughably good time… Crowd-pleasing…” - The Playlist on IndieWIRE

“Extremely funny.  Paul Rudd is a charming leading man and comical character.  The best Jennifer Aniston has been.  Wanderlust is edgy and willing to push the envelope in very funny, clever ways.” - Eric Goldman, IGN

"Sweet and wicked funny. Charming, deranged and very funny. Paul Rudd at the top of his game. Laughs on top of laughs. Hilarious.” - Matt Patches, HOLLYWOOD.COM

“Laughed so hard I cried!” - Wes Ferguson, CELEBUZZ

"Hysterical! Side-splitting laughs. Laugh out loud funny. Best comedy of the year.” - Jenna Busch, ZAP2IT

“Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd show phenomenal comic chemistry… This hysterical, laugh-out-loud comedy is the funniest movie of the year so far.” - Dan Jewel, LIFE & STYLE

"Spectacular cast, hysterical writing and the occasional didgeridoo. Peace, love and prosthetic penises. What's not to love? The best time you can have with your clothes on. You'll free love it. There's no stopping this brilliant comedy team. Watch it on peyote for a real profound experience. Jennifer Aniston has never been so well matched.  She's the most appealing free spirit in cinematic history. Jennifer Aniston lets loose with outrageous results. If anyone can make Americans want to drop out of society, it's Jen Aniston." - Paige Wiser, ABC-7 CHICAGO

"Outrageously funny! An insanely humorous, twisted and crazy comedy." - Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV

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While you're waiting, get online and buy your tickets for Wanderlust TOMORROW! Entertainment Weekly gives it an "A-"

I don't know what tools of the trade Paul Rudd and director David Wain share to dream up the kind of inspired nutso stuff Rudd has done in smart-funny-raunchy winners like "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Role Models." But whatever it is, the two are in a groove - and backed up by some blissed-out creative co-conspirators.

Full review is here.

UPDATE: Okay that's done - wow I've never typed so fast continuously for 90 minutes. So many good questions. You can read the answers at that link, any thing else not covered feel free to ask me in comments on this blog!