Ask Me Anything in 45 Minutes...

Starting at 10am ET (7am PT) I'll be doing a Reddit "IAmA" - I'll be answering any and all of your questions for about an hour, so bring'em on!

I'll be on with the username DavidWain4Real

While you're waiting, get online and buy your tickets for Wanderlust TOMORROW! Entertainment Weekly gives it an "A-"

I don't know what tools of the trade Paul Rudd and director David Wain share to dream up the kind of inspired nutso stuff Rudd has done in smart-funny-raunchy winners like "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Role Models." But whatever it is, the two are in a groove - and backed up by some blissed-out creative co-conspirators.

Full review is here.

UPDATE: Okay that's done - wow I've never typed so fast continuously for 90 minutes. So many good questions. You can read the answers at that link, any thing else not covered feel free to ask me in comments on this blog!