Top Ten Reasons to watch "The C Word"

Ten reasons to watch tonight's new Childrens Hospital episode "The C Word" (ALL TRUE): 

  1. Chief (Megan Mullally) sings. 
  2. Owen (Rob Huebel) plays the trumpet.
  3. There's some kind of time warp. 
  4. Surprise cameos from three pop stars, a famous stand-up comedian and a Sports Illustrated™  Swimsuit Model.
  5. Hot teen heart-throb Chase McKeever is both host and musical guest. 
  6. Glenn (Ken Marino) says the line "Give me 40 CC's of epinephrine, and prep a tetranizadol drip, STAT!"  
  7. Blake (Rob Corddry) slips on a banana peel.  
  8. Script by Diablo Cody
  9. Directed by David Wain
  10. Full-color, high definition 2D.

It's all tonight (8/8) midnight on Adult Swim, followed by NTSF:SD:SUV:: 

Sneak preview here  

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