New Orleans Bound

Pretty much everything I know about New Orleans is from watching Angel Heart so many times as a teenager at the last remaining Cleveland drive-in. I was sweatily making out in the back of my mom's station wagon but I think I got the gist.

And now as a parent in my 40s, I regularly watch The Princess and the Frog. So I guess New Orleans is mainly guys in zoot suits and alligators with little trumpets and the girl from the Cosby show having a naked freak-blood-dance with a dead chicken.

Regardless of how accurate my impressions are, I've wanted to go my whole life and it's finally happening today and I can't wait. I love live jazz. I love seafood. I love wearing light clothing. I love cool people (even know four three).

What's one place I should go/do that I may not be aware of?

Where do I play poker?

Angel Heart

The Princess and the Frog