Tonight: "WISEDOCS"

An earth-shattering NEW episode of the Emmy™ Award winning Childrens Hospital debuts tonight!

Mafia kingpin Vito (Eddie "The Big Ragu" Mekka) lies about his age to get treated by the doctors at Childrens.  

Joey Coco Diaz Eddie Mekka


But Lt. Briggs (Nick Offerman) might just see through the ruse...



Meanwhile Vito's son Dookie (David Krumholtz) strikes up a romance with Dr. Cat Black (Lake Bell).


Cat black

Plus Nurse Dori (Zandy Hartig) has a freak-out on Sy (Henry Winkler); Owen (Rob Huebel) tries to teach Briggs what it means to be a doctor; and Chief (Megan Mullally) competes with Blake (Rob Corddry) over who can do more extracurricular kid doctoring on their day off.  

And, also, one of the main regular characters gets killed. 

Set your DVR for 12 midnight, tonight on Adult Swim! 

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