Superjail Season 2 DVD!

I just got the Superjail Season 2 DVD - wow it's insane.  If you don't know this show, it's hard to describe - here's an attempt by Art House Goon:

It juxtaposes dark subjects–like infanticide, child molestation, murder, murder, and murder–with a fun, breezy, tone. The animation is colorful and kinetic; however, the pictures themselves are stark and almost-scary. Last season, disembowelment and decapitation happened almost every week. The madness and mayhem is orchestrated by a strange, aptly-named warden–The Warden–a psychopath dressed in purple. The Warden has no regard for the safety of others and capriciously kills inmates, perhaps only because it’s something to do. Yet, he is voiced by alternative comedy veteran, and likely-not-a-psychopath, David Wain.

Likely not, indeed.  And here's another review on

All 10 episodes in one handsome DVD can be ordered here.