15 days to go

I can't believe it but the release date is finally almost here! Ken and I wrote the first draft of Wanderlust five(!) years ago this month and since then the movie has been rewritten, cast, prepped, shot, edited, tested, sound mixed, color corrected, and is now 35mm prints are being sent to theaters all over the country, and then the world (According to IMDB, in Romania the title is With the World on his Head and in Portugal it's Love and Other Scenes.)

Our focus now is getting the word out.  We have the trailer, which is always such a challenge -- to communicate a whole movie in 2.5 minutes.  And then even harder to do it 30-second TV spots. Oh by the way there's a new TV spot out today - here it is:

Over the next two weeks the cast and I will be doing as many interviews as we possibly can, hoping to get everyone to come check out the movie we've all put so much love and sweat into!  Spread the word in YOUR world -- put together a Wanderlust outing that weekend and send me photos and I'll post them here!

Watch my twitter feed and this blog for updates on various TV appearances and press - it's gonna be a crazy couple of weeks.