Wednesday night show in NYC

On Wednesday I'm gonna be on the cool radio show Seven Second Delay and the other guests that day are two guys who I am HUGE fans of:  John Sayles, whose movie Brother From Another Planet I think was the very first "indie" movie I ever saw (at the Cedar Lee theater in Cleveland Heights, OH), and Mike Doughty, who I first met when he was working the door at the original Knitting Factory on Houston, and who then fronted one of my favorite bands of all time, Soul Coughing.  I have had out of body experiences driving a rented car lost on the way home from some weird party in Los Angeles, listening to "Screenwriters Blues".

So listen in!

Wed 6pm on WFMU 91.1 (or 90.1) FM in NYC

or better yet, come WATCH the show LIVE at the UCB Theater!