"Thanks to a smart screenplay, direction that perfectly captures the tone of modern rom-coms and two of the most engaging comedic leads working in movies and TV today, They Came Together is more entertaining and (in its own insane way) more endearing than two-thirds of the legitimate romantic comedies I’ve seen over the last two decades."
Chicago Sun-Times

"I laughed more and harder in They Came Together than in any movie in over a decade."
F This Movie

"With a successful gag rate that sits next to Airplane! in the laughs-per-minute region, They Came Together is smart and inspired, never boring, frequently silly and has maybe the best cameo of the year...They Came Together is a masterpiece of comedy, David Wain’s strongest film to date.
Box Office Buz

"a wonderfully brave piece of comedic filmmaking."
Flickering Myth

"Wain and his game cast feed Hollywood's generic rom-com hamburger through an R-rated meat grinder to produce the most brain-tickling, gut-busting meal you're likely to see this year."
Kicking The Seat

"Smart, subversive and really quite funny."

"A contemporary Dadaist heir to Brooks and Landis and the Zucker brothers. From awkward moments to painfully predictable plot beats to Pythonesque wordplay to old women’s butts and bugshit crazy people brandishing swords, They Came Together is machine-gun comedy."
The Kelly Affair

"A continuous barrel of laughs!"

"Role Models and Wanderlust were both great movies, but this movie is on a par with Wet Hot American Summer as some of Wain’s best work."
Forever Nerds

"Every actor in They Came Together earns their comedic chops; although Rudd and Poehler steal the show, there are huge laughs to be found in Max Greenfield and Christopher Meloni’s characters and even a brilliant cameo in the final part, not to be ruined here. This is definitely a film that, unlike its genre cousins, will avoid the clutches of the HMV bargain bin in the next few years. It manages to charm and entertain its audience in equal measure with a smörgåsbord of hysterical performances and quickfire jokes."
The Upcoming

"Simply hilarious!"

"Praise be to David Wain for giving the genre the kick to the balls it so obviously deserves."

"[Wain and Showalter] have created the perfect parody...the film will keep you laughing every 15 seconds...every bit as brilliant as classic spoofs like Airplane!, Young Frankenstein and The Naked Gun, but still stands on its own with Wain's unique comedic's glorious, and just might be Wain's best film yet...[he] and Showalter show that the art of lampooning is far from dead, and merely needed some legitimate talent to make it shine again.

"They Came Together straddles the line between homage and satire superbly"
The Playlist

"David Wain's They Came Together is easily his best movie since Wet Hot American Summer...This is a spoof movie, the likes of which we haven't seen done this well since The Naked Gun...Paul Rudd is ridiculously charming...Poehler is as funny as she's ever been...They Came Together is the goods and I'd be willing to bet it'll be a massively quoted fan favorite in no time at all...I don't think I've laughed harder or more consistently in a comedy in years."

"[An] orgasmic spoof of every romantic comedy in existence."

"A good deal of fun."

"A consistently amusing ride."
Total Film

"Wain and co-writer Michael Showalter not only poke fun at the obvious tropes, but also let their delightfully twisted comedy burst through."

"Ruthlessly funny"

"In terms of its pure laughter quotient, They Came Together constantly delivers."

"If Airplane! and You’ve Got Mail went on a blind date, got liquored up, and had a baby…that baby would look like David Wain’s rom-com spoof They Came Together."
Entertainment Weekly

"One of the funniest rom-coms of all time."
Rama's Screen

"It’s a humor that revels in straddling the line between ridiculous and ridiculously funny."
Way Too Indie

"They Came Together has a silly, goofy smile and a sharp, savage bite"
Indiewire - The Playlist

"David Wain‘s latest comedy brilliantly and hilariously deconstructs every aspect of the genre to provide one of the funniest films one is bound to see this year."
Film Stage

"They Came Together is a formulaic romantic comedy cranked up to 11, loud enough to make the audience hear the distortion."
The Village Voice

"irreverent, amusingly fast-paced and broadly hilarious."
USA Today

"They Came Together Will Make You Love Rom-Coms Again."

"I genuinely can’t remember another comedy in recent years that has more genuine laughs packed into each minute."
Bitch Magazine