Selected Interviews - PRINT/WEB

Consequence of Sound (January 2018)

Grandland (August 2015)

The Wrap (June 2014, a profiling focusing on my experience taking They Came Together to Sundance.)

Vanity Fair (July 2011)

The Believer (March / April 2011, during editing of Wanderlust)

A.V. Club (2009, re The State DVD.)

CinemaBlend (with Ken Marino and me, about The Ten, July 2007)

Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread (2012)

Maxim (July 2013 interview re: Childrens Hospital Season 5)


The Gist (2018)

WTF with Marc Maron (2018)

R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: Me? (2018)
Going deep on R.E.M. with Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott.

Comedy Bang Bang

One of my favorite ones to keep returning to:

The Dirty 27 (2018)
with Thomas Middleditch

"The Plug-In Drug" (2011)
Scott Aukerman interviews Paul Rudd, Ken Marino and me on the 10 year anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer, including freestyle rap!

"A Family Affair" (2012)
I return to Comedy Bang Bang for more freestyle rapping along with my dad!

Jeff Goldsmith Podcast Q&A's

These are great in-depth audio interviews that Jeff Goldsmith does with screenwriters.

Wet Hot: 10 Years Later (2017)
Wet Hot American Summer (2011)
Childrens Hospital (2010)

Some Other Podcasts

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes (2015)

AV Club's review of this episode:

"There are probably tons of Wain interviews out there in the age of podcasting, but what makes this one particularly great is how the two slowly but surely find that they are kindred spirits, both having fond memories of camp, and both being kind of obsessed with magic. They’re two man-children in the best possible way, and it allows them to branch off into more complex conversations involving relationship commitments, communes, parenting, and psychedelic drugs. The episode also ends up being a great one for aspiring comedians and writers, as Wain discusses following your comedic instinct, and trusting your taste. It never comes off as preachy, but instead, is a refreshing and optimistic insight on the comedy world. Wain is so accessible and friendly that listeners leave feeling like they’ve made a friend. At the end of the episode, Holmes declares it one of his favorites, and it’s not hard to see why."

Nerdist (2015)

Scriptnotes (2014) on the writing process of They Came Together and other stuff.

Topics (2014)
I am the guest of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black as we discuss the subconcious.
(And here's an earlier episode from 2013 where we discuss the impact of technology on our society.)

Mac Power Users (2011)
Where I nerd out on how I use technology in doing what I do.

Who Charted "Boogie Jams" (2012)

WTF with Marc Maron (2010)

Pop Culture Podcast (2013)

Julie Klausner How Was Your Week (2013)

Systematic (2014)

Slashfilm (2013)

NPR Ask Me Another (2013)