David Wain - DIRECTOR

Directing Credits

Feature Films

TV Mini-Series

TV Pilots

  • Old Soul - Natasha Lyonne/Amy Poehler pilot (NBC)
  • Brenda Forever - Ellie Kemper pilot (NBC)
  • The Station John Goodman pilot (Fox)
  • Stella (Comedy Central)

TV Episodes (director/producer)

TV Episodes (director only)

Web Series

Music Videos

  • Cake Like
  • Shudder To Think
  • Amy Miles

TV Segments

  • The State (MTV)
  • The State Halloween Special (CBS)
  • The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
  • Denis Leary Christmas Special (Comedy Central)
  • Stand Up for Cancer (Comedy Central)
  • Apt. 2F (MTV)
  • You Wrote It, You Watch It (MTV)

Short Films

  • Aisle Six
  • The Petition
  • The Proposal


  • Trident
  • San Diego Film Fest
  • Secret Sound Barrier