Sex Weiners Boobs photos

I realize this is last month's news, here are some fun photos from the Sex aka Weiners & Boobs performance at SF Sketchfest in Feb. 

(All photos by the very talented Jakub Mosur)

(left to right: Nina Hellman, Jeremy Shamos, Shari Alpert, Rob Huebel, Michael Showalter, me, Joe Lo Truglio, Peter Salett) 

2013-02-07 VIDEO.jpg

The authors now and when we wrote then play in 1988. 


Report from Sketchfest

Thanks to everyone who came out to SF Sketchfest this year - it was a blast!

Here are some snapshots: 

Sketchfest 3.jpg

Morning in San Francisco 

Sketchfest 1.jpg

Peter Salett & Nina Hellman getting ready for "Sex AKA Weiners & Boobs" Friday night. 

Sketchfest 2.jpg

Me, Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Showalter backstage after "Sex"

Sketchfest 4.jpg

Taiyaki - a fish shaped thing made of pancake batter with red bean paste inside.

After discovering these at a stand in Japantown I ingested way too many of them.

They are incredible.

Sketchfest 5.jpg


Childrens Hospital panel at Cobb's (photos by Dan Dion/Cobb's/Sketchfest)

With Ryan Hanson and Erinn Hayes (lower left, passed out?)

Mo Willems, Maya Rudolph, Ken Marino, Rachel Dratch, Janeane Garofalo,

Joe Lo Truglio, Andy Richter, me,  Laraine Newman, Patton Oswalt, Michael Ian Black.

Sketchfest 9.jpg

Mo Willems event at the JCC - left to right: Laraine Newman, Joe Lo Truglio,

Janeane Garofalo, Michael Ian Black, Ken Marino, Rachel Dratch


Dim Sum with Paul Scheer, Ryan Hanson, a bunch of other people, Jon Stern and me. 



Stella nightclub show at Mezzanine (Kevin Pollak, left) Photo by Tommy Lau.


Flying home with Lake Bell & Michael Showalter