I'm very proud of my association with NEWSREADERS, which premieres this THURSDAY (1/17/13) at midnight on Adult Swim.



The seed of Newsreaders actually began with our movie The Ten, which featured Mather Zickel as reporter Louis LaFonda.  

Then in our 2nd season of Childrens Hospital, we did a "behind the scenes" episode in the form of a news report, anchored by Louis LaFonda, as part of a fictional series, "Newsreaders." 

That episode ("The End of the Middle"), became a fan favorite and we reprised the "Newsreaders" format again in seasons 3 and 4 of Childrens Hospital.

And now Newsreaders is a show of its own, taking on all manner of dumb and funny topics, still anchored by Mather Zickel as Louis LaFonda, along with a truly amazing cast of other correspondents.  

I hope you'll spread the word and check it out! Let me know what you think.

Oh, and PS - you can see the first episode RIGHT NOW at or YouTube.

UPDATE: Great interview with Mather Zickel in the New York Times