Childrens Hospital Season 4 - premieres TOMORROW

The day has finally (almost) come - time to set that DVR.

For those who don't know, Childrens Hospital was the brainchild of Rob Corddry, who came to myself and Jon Stern with his idea for a web show about a hospital with doctors and nurses - but it's a Children's Hospital, and it's fucked up!

Naturally we got  on board,  dropped the apostrophe, and after one season on the web we moved on up to TV (as late night low budget live-action novelty on the cable animation network Adult Swim).

And now for season 4...

Executive producers Rob, Jon and me are still steering the ship, along this year with co-EP Ken Marino.

We have amazingly talented group of DIRECTORS (including me, Marino, Rob Schrab, Michael Patrick Jann, Lake Bell, Tristam Shapeero, & Steve Pink) plus a growing killer team of editors, designers, camera crew, and production staff.

The writers this year (in addition to Corddry, Stern, me and Marino) include Erica Oyama ("Burning Love"), Rob

Huebel ("Human Giant") Sam Bain ("Peep Show") and Jason Mantzoukas (Ride Along).

And finally our all-star cast is back in full: Malin Åkerman, Lake Bell, Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler, Zandy Hartig, Brian Huskey, Nick Offerman (I also return on screen as the "director" of the show-within-the-show)

All of this in service of making 14 eleven-minute episodes, each densely packed to the gills with stupid plots, a merry-go-round of relationships, insane jokes and brilliant performances. I know I'm biased but you can't miss this!

For example the season premiere - TOMORROW, thursday 8/9/12 at Midnight is "The Boy with the Pancake Tattoo":  Amnesia is airborne in the hospital and only Blake is immune...Memento meets Contagion meets Lord of the Flies.

Here's a promo:

I hope you watch Thurs and let me know what you think!

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